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ACCESS TO SAFE AND LEGAL ABORTION IN RWANDA STILL A DREAM NOT REALITY. Last month the Government of Rwanda published a ministerial order or guidelines determining conditions to be satisfied for a medical doctor to perform an abortion. These guidelines were released following the revision of the Penal Code in 2018, which changed the conditions to obtain medical abortion from the decision to abort granted by the court to simply the authorization of a medical doctor.


Young Feminists Activism
Empowering girls and women in Rwanda

SPECTRA is a young feminist organization whose mission is to build a strong and well-coordinated movement of empowered young feminist leaders who contribute meaningfully to social justice, Gender justice and realization of Sexual and reproductive health and Reproductive Rights of girls and young women. SPECTRA envisions a Rwandan society in which the Rights of Girls and young women are respected and realized, in which they are free from violence and discriminations and are empowered to participate fully and effectively in the decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods. SPECTRA is a starting organization founded in 2016. The organization’s core support to cover administrative costs is still limited and currently and mainly got from members’ contributions and voluntary work.

  • Mjority of Rwandan parliamentarians are women

  • Majority of the Rwandan population is made up of Women

  • Only 10 percent of women from the top 30 companies in Rwanda are women

  • Rwanda has a higher percentage of women employed


Meet the Spectra team


Chantal is a 32 year old queer feminist with Masters of arts in development studies specializing in social justice, Gender,Human Rights and conflict studies. She is passionate about justice for all

Leonia Mutoni

Toni is a 23 believer in kindness and equality for all people. She enjoys learning about human rights and how she can be involved in advocating for them.


Chairperson of the Board of directors
Grace Magambo is an avid feminist and social scientist dedicated to being part of an uplifting transformative change in how society cares for the vulnerable within it.


Kanziga Sylvie, 30 yrs! Bachelor in Development Studies. I advocate for Women and Youth to access SRHR.

Vanessa Kantengwa

Age,31 Bacherol’s degree in Sociology from National University of Rwanda(NUR) Trained in human rights,dedicated to comprehensive social change and achieving gender justice.

Ariane Uwase

Youth Advisor
Ariane is a feminist law graduate passionate about human rights and social justice. She enjoys being part of enlightening workshops and working towards betterment of life for the vulnerable.


Olive is a radical feminist, panafrican and activist with 10 years of experience in advocacy for women and girls rights in Rwanda and the Great Lakes. Her passion is in addressing violence against women and girls and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Follow her on Twitter @uwaolive where she actively engages in discussions on how to dismantle patriarchy.

In Rwanda it is often said that women with financial means can travel to Kampala or Nairobi to obtain an abortion while the poor and vulnerable use backdoor means to obtain it.

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